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  • courgette 03/08/2016, 15.12 Go to the news →
    Quote ( baris1907 03/08/2016 @ 14:00 )

    There is a religious formation in Turkey for years. Until 2012 they were together with Erdogan and they were supporting each other. Erdogan let them sneak all of deparments such as federations, judgment, military, education etc. They tried to take ov ...

    I know what Fethullahci are, and how Erdogan justificates the purge. I'm wondering how much it affects basketball.

  • courgette 03/08/2016, 12.36 Go to the news →

    94 members of football federation including referees have been fired, and Mario Gomez top football league scorer leaves the country due to political situation according to Hurriyet.
    Is there a purge also in the Turkish basketball, and have some players already expressed out loud that their departure or choice not to come in Turkey is due to political situation or concerns for their security and freedom?

  • courgette 23/07/2016, 11.44 Go to the news →

    Yes, I'm very optimistic for a good seed and a good Mavs run in the west.

  • courgette 16/07/2016, 03.22 Go to the news →

    I hope a better future for eurpoean basketball, and a better future for Turkey.

  • courgette 08/07/2016, 02.21 Go to the news →

    That change everything. Can we fallback and admit we lost?

  • courgette 04/07/2016, 13.23 Go to the news →

    I think is a former Illinois Fighting illinus, illini being the plural.

  • courgette 28/06/2016, 15.33 Go to the news →

    No, this year offensive concerns only Eurocup. Euroleague will come later.

  • courgette 27/06/2016, 22.25 Go to the news →

    Don't make the mistake to consider that list is the final one.

  • courgette 27/06/2016, 12.03 Go to the news →

    He is in United States for "juridical reasons"...
    Probably to sign with an NBA franchise.
    With the 5 draftees this year (if they get a contract and start playing next year, of course), that may make a 18 total French players in NBA.

  • courgette 26/06/2016, 12.55 Go to the news →

    You now know the names of the 12 olympic champions.

  • courgette 22/06/2016, 21.28 Go to the news →

    He should have bend his knee to Butler to stay, but he couldn't, the knee was hurting to much.

  • courgette 22/06/2016, 16.25 Go to the news →
    Quote ( baris1907 22/06/2016 @ 12:54 )

    I think for gala, hard to persuade to popular players of transfer market like Kuzminskas, Bourousis, Mike james, Adams etc. Because many teams are chasing for them and Gala won't be in Euroleague next season and players like to sign at least 2 years ...

    Galatasaray is playing Euroleague next year.

  • courgette 16/06/2016, 23.59 Go to the news →

    Russian teams are always widely dominating this league (7 first places this year), contrary to ABA league I don't really see the point of VTB.

  • courgette 16/06/2016, 17.26 Go to the news →

    Oh, and by the way the message was titled "pathetic idiot".
    I believed at first it was the sender's new name.

  • courgette 16/06/2016, 17.25 Go to the news →

    CanCan/Italiano/Gagarin sent me this private message under his Italiano account:
    "Stop accusing me of being different persons. In the past, you claimed that I am CanCan. And now, you claim that I am Gagarin. Let me tell you one fact. French people are disliked by every nation because you are annoying people. There is no exception to this fact. However, you are not just annoying but also mentally ill. Mind your own business. And please save your shitty opinions to yourself. French basketball sucks and so do French teams. You can just dream about a Euroleague which is shitty enough to include French teams. This would never happen haha !"
    It would be remiss on my part not to share something as funny as that.

  • courgette 16/06/2016, 14.48 Go to the news →
    Quote ( Gagarin 16/06/2016 @ 07:30 )

    Gala making an offer to Bourousis ??? They can only watch him with a Gala uniform in their dreams, really funny :)

    There is no point changing name CanCan/Italiano/Gagarin if you write the exact same thing every time.

  • courgette 12/06/2016, 22.06 Go to the news →
    Quote ( baris1907 12/06/2016 @ 21:45 )

    But is that fair? Kuban played F4 but they will be in Eurocup. Maccabi Milano Zalgiris did almost nothing but they will be in Euroleague. I think teams need to be deserved it on the court

    I agree, this is completely unfair. So far I know, no other sport accepts something like that. And we don't even talk the fact that referees are paid by Euroleague (Commercial Assets and Properties SA), which is owned by some of the clubs playing it...

  • courgette 12/06/2016, 21.36 Go to the news →
    Quote ( baris1907 12/06/2016 @ 21:18 )

    I'm asking how do clubs earn to participate EL? and what did Dacka do to participate there?

    Most of them don't earn nothing, they just own Euroleague (Commercial Assets and Properties SA), they ARE Euroleague (Commercial Assets and Properties SA). In the case of Darussafaka, their name sponsor (Dogus) is also a sponsor of Euroleague (Commercial Assets and Properties SA): Dogus litterally buy a place for the club by sponsoring the competition they want them into.

  • courgette 12/06/2016, 20.55 Go to the news →
    Quote ( baris1907 12/06/2016 @ 20:11 )

    First of all Euroleague format is based on money there is no so many teams who spend money as much as Dacka. So Euroleague will allow them to participate. But you are right they haven't earned anything yet and they should be earned. It's my opinion E ...

    Qualifications earned on the court? Are you crazy? It's against the very idea of Euroleague (Commercial Assets and Properties SA). Clubs that own this company won't ever allow that to happen.

  • courgette 05/06/2016, 13.20 Go to the news →

    They're not even qualified to Adriatic League... More and more absurd.

  • courgette 05/06/2016, 13.17 Go to the news →
    Quote ( WeAreMaccabi 04/06/2016 @ 20:20 )

    Funny thing is that you are so convinced to be correct, so you take 'decisions' for others without reffering to the WHOLE dialog (you did it before and now again...) - I shared with you openly my view that basicly it should have been only 6 licences ...

    I already made my point, so consider this last message is also a goodbye. You still fake to not understand what I write, like faking to believe I said Netherlands, Macedonia, United Kingdom, Bulgaria or Romania champions (which by the way are respectively Donar, Skopje Aerodrom, Sheffield Sharks, Lukoil Academic Sofia and Oradea; yes I know that, once again I love and follow basketball, and I really don't see how your ignorance can be an argument) should be in Euroleague. I just never wrote that. And you still avoid telling me how the 14 or 12 or 10 or 6 or whatever their number (it doesn't change nothing at all, even if it's funny you divided by two your wish in few hours) licenses should be atributed, on which criteria, and who the hell can arrogate himself the right to chose. Let me guess: you consider the Maccabi team you're a fanboy of in the teams that should have a license? (It's a rethoric question, answer is pretty obvious). The discussion is completely sterile. I believe qualifications and rewards should be obtained on the court, not in hotels meeting rooms closed to public. And if you don't, well that's not my problem. Shalom.

  • courgette 04/06/2016, 18.02 Go to the news →
    Quote ( Gagarin 04/06/2016 @ 17:51 )

    You should be thankfull to Euroleague, my dear friend ! If French teams would play in Euroleague (you cannot find a single criteria that would make this fair), they would be dominated and humiliated by almost any other Euroleague team. As a result, E ...

    Well, this is just pointless and hatefull. I know French clubs are not or wouldn't be competitive in Euroleague (Commercial Assets and Properties SA), I never said the contrary. And let me tell you a confession: I don't care, I'm not a fanboy. If some day I decide to turn fanboy, I'll have plenty to do with the NT. But thanks making my point showing some people are teams or nations fans before to be basketball enthousiasts.You see, you are usefull after all.

  • courgette 04/06/2016, 17.37 Go to the news →

    You take UEFA Champion's League (and Europa League) as an exemple. Wonderful. Teams are qualified through their domestic competitions results, and the number of qualified teams is determined by the results in european competitions of teams from each country.
    That's all I ask for.
    The minute you grant licenses, you shoot sportmanship in the head. Who is Euroleague (Commercial Assets and Properties SA) to say this one has a license, this other don't.Why Zalgiris Kaunas and not Lokomotiv Kuban Krasnodar? Why Darussafaka (not formally a license but auto wild-card due to Dogus sponsor) and not Valencia? Why Cheap Perfume Milano and not Belgrad Red Star? Why Efes Istanbul and not Khimky Moscow? etc etc.
    Do anyone knows the criteria? No. It's dishonest, unfair, and everything but transparent.No football team has free pass to Champions League, yet there still is european "power houses", like they say. It's just that from time to time they don't qualify, it avoid them to be ridiculous sometimes, like Maccabi was this year.

  • courgette 04/06/2016, 15.54 Go to the news →
    Quote ( WeAreMaccabi 04/06/2016 @ 15:38 )

    You only take small part of what I said and twist my words... I did not say place has been given 'because of fan legacy' ! - I said 'Titles, History and... fan legacy' !! fan legacy is only by-product, and saying that I reffer to the fans attending t ...

    We mostly agree: some clubs buildt titles history and fan legacy out of illegitimate licenses whereas other teams could have done the same if they were given the opportunity to. I don't say it doesn't exist, I say it should be irrelevant if looked through a sportmanship eye.
    But there is something I don't get: if they are such great clubs, why are they afraid to have to sportily qualify themselves?
    Plus: how many clubs should have licences ? As Maccabi fan of course you said "10 or 12", but a Real or CSKA supporter would say only 2 or 3, a Zalgiris fan will say 14 is the exact perfect number, Cheap Perfume Milano or Bamberg or Galatasaray supporters may say something like 18 or 20.
    You defend your club's position because you're a Maccabi fan before to be a basketball fan. Take a little step back and you'll see: 1) No one can decide who can be or can't be granted a license, because everyone will set the limit according to it's own interests. 2) If they are such wonderful clubs out there, they will qualify without a problem.

  • courgette 04/06/2016, 14.59 Go to the news →

    Plus, the reading of national championship results is biased by illegitimate Euroleague (Commercial Assets and Properties SA) incomes perceived by the 14 clubs sitting on the pot of gold. Instead of having a virtuous circle of money coming to the better team on the court, you have a vicious circle of capacity to build a better team out of money for the team that already had the money in the first place with wich they bought their licence.

  • courgette 04/06/2016, 14.45 Go to the news →
    Quote ( WeAreMaccabi 04/06/2016 @ 13:42 )

    That's not completely true - there is obvious difference between granting A licencse to European powerhouses like Real Madrid/CSKA/Maccabi/PAO/Barcelona/Milano etc.that are legendary clubs many years and has always been at the top of European basketb ...

    Granting places for clubs with "fan legacy" instead of sporting results is exactly what i said. It's done that way so more fans Watch it on TV to increase Euroleague (Commercial Assets and Properties SA) incomes.
    Last year Maccabi didn't won the Winner League but was the only Israeli team on Euroleague (Commercial Assets and Properties SA). Result: 5 out of 6 in the first round and eliminated by teams like Malaga, Bamberg, and... Darussafaka (lol). And eliminated from eurocup straight right after.
    Always keeping the same teams running in circle in the same televised competitions no matter their real level is what creates the fan legacy thing you talk about. Free some place for better but moneyless teams and the "fan legacy" will develop on them too.
    But that suppose to have a long term vision for the sport, and not just a will to milk the dumb fans: that's what an private company is by definition incapable of.

  • courgette 04/06/2016, 12.36 Go to the news →
    Quote ( WeAreMaccabi 04/06/2016 @ 11:38 )

    Blatt is not overrated, he is great person and great coach, no doubt about it - as much he (or 'smart' reporters/commentators) will try to claim 'there is a challange' or 'he is thrilled to arrive to uprizing club' that's bad joke - signing with such ...

    "this club has earned his EL ticket only by money"
    It's the very principle of Euroleague (Commercial Assets and Properties SA).

  • courgette 02/06/2016, 13.13 Go to the news →

    Florent Pietrus probably recommended him.

  • courgette 02/05/2016, 00.32 Go to the news →

    I should have bet.

    [ link ]

  • courgette 28/04/2016, 20.23 Go to the news →
    Quote ( mlgpro420blazeit 28/04/2016 @ 19:33 )

    You did not believe when I said they would win in the beginning of the year. Who is laughing now ha?

    If you are talking about me, I said few days or weeks ago it wasn't done yet. And I'm pretty sure you felt the same on your couch until the last 0:14 seconds of the second finals' game. But if you talk about the Galatasaray hater, please don't confuse me with him, it's offending.

  • courgette 28/04/2016, 00.27 Go to the news →

    Great achievement for Turkish basketball, first time ever they win a second tier or higher level european competition.

  • courgette 24/04/2016, 21.45 Go to the news →

    Ok, safe trip th Philly Dario, and don't forget your lube for next year.

  • courgette 24/04/2016, 21.24 Go to the news →
    Quote ( mlgpro420blazeit 24/04/2016 @ 20:40 )

    It seems there were conflicts between him and the chairman for a very long time. Probably the main reason the club has underachieved these couple of years.

    They are leading Istanbul championship right now, and were runners-up last year, with victory in cup and euroleague quarter finalists. Ain't that bad!

  • courgette 22/04/2016, 16.15 Go to the news →

    For the next year, if I was FIBA, I would pay for them the about 10% clubs income fine the euroleague corporation blackmails them. To kill the parasite takes money and time, now it's only Eurocup, next year it will be about taking down Euroleague itself.

  • courgette 22/04/2016, 16.10 Go to the news →

    They would have penalty to pay to Euroleague Inc? Is that a joke?

  • courgette 22/04/2016, 16.06 Go to the news →

    Money in every sentence.
    Not even money to finance basketball, just their money.
    Everything is said.
    Take for granted Lithuanian NT is, without a behaviour change, excluded from all international tournament: FIBA is started and won't stop.

  • courgette 20/04/2016, 15.37 Go to the news →

    France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Greece, Serbia, Slovenia, Lithuania...
    Only lacks Spain and the victory will be complete.

  • courgette 19/04/2016, 14.35 Go to the news →

    Euroleague corporation is a parasite that loots basketball money where he is, at the higher level, without giving back even one euro to young's and amateur (and woman) basketball, without which pro basketball wouldn't exist. If FIBA disappeared and would remain only Euroleague, our sport would cease to exist on our continent. I know for sure that the whole authorities of sport, even outside basketball are willing to stop only when the cancer that is Euroleague corporation is totally reaped off, and that best news in years.

  • courgette 07/04/2016, 13.39 Go to the news →
    Quote ( mlgpro420blazeit 07/04/2016 @ 10:17 )

    In the very beginning of the year I wrote here that Gala will win the Eurocup (Fenerbahce fan). People did not believe me. Where are you now? huehuehue

    Well it starts good, but technically I suggest you wait a little before cheering up.

  • courgette 28/03/2016, 22.14 Go to the news →

    An occasion for him to step up his carrier to a high level.

  • courgette 21/03/2016, 13.57 Go to the news →

    I'm so happy I saw that live.

  • courgette 17/03/2016, 14.59 Go to the news →
    Quote ( SamuraiX 17/03/2016 @ 11:28 )

    he wanted to say "if we choose euroleague, fiba will create some difficulties our national teams in olympics world cups etc.. so we cant choose and have to say bad words to euroleague..." thats all unfortunately...

    That argument would work about every national team.
    Actually it's about French national team that it's the less accurate, because of the FIBA project to set up in season national team qualifyers, that disadvantage mostly France that have the biggest number of strangers players in NBA (11).
    Almost the entire team would be unavailable for playing these games FIBA wants.
    If FFBB backs up FIBA and not Euroleague Inc. it's because first they prefer sporting criterias prevailing for accessing the competitions rather than buying places for years, and second because they know France B team still can qualify easily.

  • courgette 17/03/2016, 14.51 Go to the news →
    Quote ( Italiano 17/03/2016 @ 14:03 )

    There is nothing wrong with honesty. French teams' main target is to develop players for NBA. They cannot compete with Euroleague or Eurocup teams anymore. Fiba cups offer better environment for their targets. Sad but true...

    Strasbourg 9 pts away win at Nizhny Novgorod in Eurocup quarter finals.
    I agree they are not competitive in Euroleague, but they are in Eurocup.

  • courgette 16/03/2016, 14.46 Go to the news →
    Quote ( Italiano 16/03/2016 @ 11:39 )

    Eurocup is too much for French teams. They would better play in Fiba cups not to get dominated by other teams.

    Strasbourg is in quarter finals, we'll see how they do this afternoon against Nizhny Novgorod ;)
    In a general way, 8 or 10 French teams have almost the same level and French championship has a good general level but doesn't really have very good clubs. Even if I think you weren't really talking basketball but just low life trolled right here CanCan...

  • courgette 15/03/2016, 21.50 Go to the news →

    Limoges won't even make the Pro A playoffs this year...
    Euroleague(/cup) should not make invitations or wild cards but qualifications according to sport results.

  • courgette 07/02/2016, 20.45 Go to the news →
    Quote ( Italiano 07/02/2016 @ 19:58 )

    Believe me the journalist would not care as well. I have always enough time to lose as long as I remind big mouths how annoying they are...

    You don't know that, maybe he cares about professionalism. But I'm glad to know you got plenty of time, so I will let you do the hating all alone from now, my dear CanCan.

  • courgette 07/02/2016, 19.37 Go to the news →
    Quote ( Italiano 07/02/2016 @ 18:06 )

    Do you really think anyone here really cares about the correct name of this newspaper, come on...

    I wrote that for the journalist that wrote the news, but I didn't think someone would have enough time to lose to answer.

  • courgette 05/02/2016, 16.11 Go to the news →

    The name of the local newspaper is La République du centre, not center, even if centre means center in English.

  • courgette 03/02/2016, 23.22 Go to the news →

    ASVEL and Chalon/Saône can make it through their common semi-final. For the final, Francfort can win it.

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