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Help Center Frequently asked questions

Before contact us, check out this page. Maybe your question has already been answered.

How can I register on Sportando? ↑ Top

To register on Sportando is very easy. You must to to the registration page. Fill all the mandatory fields. Remember that to login on Sportando you will always need to remember the email and the password.

I am registered but I want to delete it. ↑ Top

The only way to delete your account is to contact us. Please, write also why you want to have your account cancelled.

I would love to insert a banner on your site. ↑ Top

You can promote your advertising on Sportando. Contact us to ask for more info.

Why did you ban me? ↑ Top

The ban is unquestionable. It happens when you break the rules of the community. You can consult our policy. You can also contact us.

The username I want it is already taken. ↑ Top

The usernames are unique. You must choose another nickname.

I've lost my password. How can I recover it? ↑ Top

Go to your recover password page and you can get it. It is important to insert the real email address.

How can I disable the notifications? ↑ Top

You can disable your notifications. When you log in, go to "Settings" page. Here you can disable or enable your notifications on Sportando or by E-Mail.

I would love to change the email of my account. ↑ Top

If you want to change the email of your account, just contact us, telling to Sportando your nickname and why you want to change the e-mail.

I did not get the email to confirm the account. What can I do? ↑ Top

If you did not get the email to confirm your account, contact us and will will activate your account manually.

You wrote a completely false news. ↑ Top

If you think that Sportando has written a completely false news, contact us and will do the necessary checks. Just remember that you don't cancel our news too often.

One of the users wrote a defamatory comment. ↑ Top

If you think that one of the users wrote a defamatory comment against a person, a team or another user, report that to us by pushing the bottom next to any comment. You can also contact us. Remember that Sportando is not responsible for the comments of the users.

Where can I find you on the social networks? ↑ Top

We are on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram. All our accounts on the social networks are active.

I have found you via search engine but your page doesn't exist. ↑ Top

If you find a non-active page on the search engines, contact us. We will restore the link.

I would love to contact a person from Sportando. ↑ Top

If you want to contact his, visit the page La Redazione. You can also check who has an active Twitter account.

I would love to open a new section in the forum. ↑ Top

We can just open a section in the Forum. But you can propose us to open a new discussion in the forum. Contact us.

One of the users is insulting me via private message. ↑ Top

If one of the users is insulting you via direct message, contact us as soon as possible. The DM are encrypted. If you are telling the truth the other users will be banned.

I would love to change my username. ↑ Top

If you want to change your username you can contact us. Is possible that your username is used by another user and the change is not possibile.

Why some of the users have the verified account? ↑ Top

Some of the users have the verified account User Verified because they are also member and reporters of this website.