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All the official numbers of the best Basketball Transactions website in Europe you need.

Successful Events
Instagram account was verified Verified May, 31st 2016
Facebook fanpage has become a Global Page Verified October, 28th 2015
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Sportando Database
Domain "" age 2.950 days, from January 7th 2009
Languages 2 Italian and English
Italian news 137.757 from January 7th 2009
English news 74.896 from January 7th 2009
Total news 166.746 from January 7th 2009
Registered users 15.894 from July 3rd 2011
User comments 3.827.823 from July 4th 2011
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Comments from Mobile 1.592.001 from July 4th 2011
Comments from Tablet 284.300 from July 4th 2011
Comments per day 1.613 from July 4th 2011
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Alexa profile 37.439 Rank to this day
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Google 145.000 Pages result count to this day
Facebook © Official fan page Verified 82.600 Fans, from January 7th 2009
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Twitter © Official profile Verified 62.400 Followers, from January 7th 2009
Twitter © Official Italian profile Verified 12.100 Followers, from January 7th 2009
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Instagram © Official profile Verified 11.000 Followers, from September 9th 2012

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