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Last visit on Sportando 25/01/2016 @ 07.34
  • CanCan 25/01/2016, 07.33 Go to the news →
    Quote ( courgette 24/01/2016 @ 22:12 )

    I am French. I absolutely do not care about supporting Fenervachier or Galatasaray, and trust me, the one harming image of Turkey is you.

    *** Comment moderated by Sportando ***

  • CanCan 24/01/2016, 20.17 Go to the news →
    Quote ( courgette 24/01/2016 @ 20:07 )

    Haven't you said that already three or four times?

    I will keep telling this until this club stop robbing the money of their players. This club not only steals their money but also harms the image of Turkish basketball clubs. If my comments disturb you, simply do not read them...

  • CanCan 24/01/2016, 19.49 Go to the news →

    It is for sure that Curtis has no cash flow problems. He will receive his payments months later after suing this club...

  • CanCan 24/01/2016, 08.24 Go to the news →

    Euroleague was too much for you. Good luck to you in Eurocup " THIS SEASON ".
    By the way, do not forget to pay your players like you did every season.

  • CanCan 24/01/2016, 08.20 Go to the news →
    Quote ( basketsever 23/01/2016 @ 22:00 )

    Can you realize what did you write??? You say "semifinals would be a huge success story for Galatasaray" And i say Gala played semifnal in this cup 6 years before. I just make you remember. But i waste my time. Your are classic Fenerbahce fan. You ar ...

    Euroleague was too much for your team. Good luck to you in Eurocup " THIS SEASON " :)
    By the way, do not forget to pay your players. You have no right to harm the image of Turkish basketball anymore...

  • CanCan 23/01/2016, 21.05 Go to the news →
    Quote ( basketsever 23/01/2016 @ 19:29 )

    Gala played Eurocup semi-final 2007-08 season. What kind of troll are you?

    Do you have difficulties in understanding the sentences you read ? I am talking about this season. However, it is a typical behaviour of Galatasaray fans. You live in the past. 2007-2008 season, those were the days, my friend, wake up and get back today..

  • CanCan 23/01/2016, 16.55 Go to the news →

    This team is famous of scandals. This would surprise nobody...

  • CanCan 22/01/2016, 18.05 Go to the news →

    Galatasaray winning Eurocup ? It is just January but this has been already the joke of the year ! Even making semifinals would be a huge success story for Galatasaray. If they make semifinals, they will be the champions of the hearts and we will give them a symbolic cup...

  • CanCan 20/01/2016, 20.38 Go to the news →
    Quote ( apostolano7 20/01/2016 @ 17:48 )

    Friend I don't have any problem with how you put your thoughts, but for us since he is Greek and both the club and the player know each other I certainly believe his impact will be immediate, comparing if he was signing with any other team in europe ...

    I really would like to see Kostas recovering and being again a superstar in Europe. We need more big players with European origin now more than ever.

    However, I would not compare him to Printezis as he is a living legend already now. Kostas has a long way to go if he wants to be as big as Printezis.

    I am a fan of Fenerbahce.

  • CanCan 19/01/2016, 20.43 Go to the news →
    Quote ( apostolano7 19/01/2016 @ 16:15 )

    In case Barca decides to keep him will you have the same opinion? or u r just saying these that comes from ur logic which is based on nothing just to hurt the image of the player? Whoever comes to Olympiakos is a top-self player!!

    I respect your team Olympiakos very much but it is a risky move.

    Kostas has been waived twice by an average team like Denver. His market value is close to "zero" at the moment. This is a solid fact because no Russian or Turkish club tried to sign him.

  • CanCan 18/01/2016, 07.20 Go to the news →

    Good days are over for Spanish teams ! There are no cheap solutions to big problems like that. They stopped investing so they will not be able to compete with CSKA, Olympiakos or Fenerbahce anymore...

  • CanCan 18/01/2016, 07.16 Go to the news →

    Does he still have the hunger to win ? I doubt it ! Otherwise, CSKA would have signed him. However, it is a reasonable risk to buy for Olympiakos.

  • CanCan 16/01/2016, 08.42 Go to the news →

    It is sad to see such a dynasty going down like that. No matter how much they invest they could not get better results.

  • CanCan 16/01/2016, 08.41 Go to the news →

    It is a chance for Galatasaray maybe now their narsistic egocentric coach would generate a better solution without McCollum, who knows...

  • CanCan 13/01/2016, 08.10 Go to the news →

    I have seen this movie before :) A fat ex-star is forcing a comeback. Baron, you have always been reckless, please stop trying...

  • CanCan 10/01/2016, 21.13 Go to the news →

    Chuck should be really desperate to find a team. I believe he just wants to get in shape rather than earning money. He very well knows that he would be paid rarely until the end of the season.

  • CanCan 08/01/2016, 11.04 Go to the news →

    There is nothing special about him. He goes there, sits on the bench and makes millions for a couple of seasons. Afterwards, he makes a sensational comeback to Europe and signs a fat contract with one of the top clubs in Europe. He never performs as well as he does now but he will have the money to retire by then...

  • CanCan 06/01/2016, 21.44 Go to the news →

    It seems that Chuck has no cash flow problems because he will receive his payments months later with the help of his lawyer.

  • CanCan 06/01/2016, 10.09 Go to the news →

    Assuming no injuries, Fenerbahce would definitely play the final game. Olympiakos would be the only opponent which would beat us. They have the experience and Spanoulis. The other teams are not really a threat to us...

  • CanCan 05/01/2016, 09.10 Go to the news →

    Refs killed Fenerbahce with their biased decisions. However, the last shot has been a slap to their faces. No matter what they did,, Fenerbahce found a way to win !

  • CanCan 04/01/2016, 10.39 Go to the news →

    Another ridicilious signing of Karşıyaka ! Coach Sarıca continues to waste the money of the team. It makes no sense not to sign Bo instead of Ware ?

  • CanCan 18/12/2015, 08.38 Go to the news →

    Kazan is a typical Eurocup team with instable financials. Euroleague does not need any other team from VTB. If Kazan wants to prove her capability, then they have to win the Eurocup. This is highly unlikely with the presence of Valencia.

  • CanCan 15/12/2015, 12.44 Go to the news →
    Quote ( bingo 15/12/2015 @ 11:21 )

    You wrote "he needs to respect Turkey and it's players,while he's done nothing to disrespect Turkey and he gives all players equal treatment,not a nice one but "equal".And you are demanding some special treatment for Turkish players and accusing the ...

    Do not spend any efforts to explain something to this guy :) He is just a pathetic Galatasaray fan who is jealous of the success of Fenerbahce. Just let him alone in his darkness, we cannot save him...

  • CanCan 15/12/2015, 09.10 Go to the news →
    Quote ( Eseflekinadim 15/12/2015 @ 08:43 )

    I'm not defending Ergin Ataman in that slap incident.You are right about that.And it's not about nationalism if he made that thing to a foreign player i would say the same thing.I just dont like how he approachs his players.You need te be with your p ...

    You just got your lesson today, boy :) I see that you are really depressed of being a supporter of a Eurocup team. Being a troll won't help you at all. Please try to find the inner peace for yourself. Believe me life will be easier for you.

  • CanCan 15/12/2015, 08.20 Go to the news →
    Quote ( Eseflekinadim 14/12/2015 @ 22:34 )

    Obradovic and Ivkovic need to respect Turkey and Turkish players.They are getting paid in here and need to respect us.Omer is just 17 years old with huge potential.Of course he can make mistakes like everybody does but no one deserves to treated like ...

    Oh really ? What he has done to disrespect the player ? Did he really hit him ? Do you really want to recall a disrespectful attack to a Turkish player ? Please remember the slap of Ergin Ataman to a young player last season. He has been slapped by the TURKISH coach, the coach of TURKISH national team, although he has not played a single minute in that game. You have nothing to do with ethics so please do not pretend. Good luck to your team in EUROCUP !