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BSL 05/09/2018, 19.34

Joffrey Lauvergne: ''If i didn't get an offer from Fenerbahçe, i would stay in San Antonio''

Fenerbahçe newcomer Joffrey Lauvergne made some statements to Fenerbahçe TV.

Fenerbahçe newcomer Joffrey Lauvergne talked to Fenerbahçe TV about his decision and new season. 

Lauvergne: ''I'm so happy to be here and excited for the new season. I wish i could be here when i was in Partizan. I wanted to play here with Bogdan Bogdanovic but it wasn't possible in that time. Now, i'm here and i'm so happy. We have everything to be successful and i believe we going to do it.''

Lauvergne talked about his decision about Fenerbahçe and, ''I had a contract with Spurs one more year. When i had an offer from Fenerbahçe, i was so happy. I wanted to come back to Europe and the team that i wanted to play is Fenerbahçe. I accepted the offer without thinking but if Fenerbahçe didn't offer me i would probably stay in Spurs for one more season. Everything is good here. Fenerbahçe's facility is like in NBA. First days was hard to work cause i was in holiday since April. Even if i was working by myself, it is so different working with the team.'' 

''Last 5-6 years, i have worked with 5-6 different teams and coaches. Everyone has expected different things from me. I improved myself in all areas. I can play 3-4-5. In here, it all related to the expectations from me. I can not say that i'm a perfect shooter like Bogdan but i can contribute in several things.''

''I got so many messages on social media. I couldn't have a chance to read all of them but they were great. My followers increased like 10.000. I didn't expect that. It's a great feeling to play with the support of fans. They are so important while we playing and they help a lot. I miss the fan support at the time that i was in America. We are going to do our best, keep support us.''

H. Coşkun

H. Coşkun

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