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BSL 25/09/2018, 14.28

Zeljko Obradovic: ''Fenerbahçe-Galatasaray derby is an opportunity for this country"

Fenerbahçe coach Zeljko Obradovic, made some statements on Fenerbahçe media day.

Zeljko Obradovic made some statements on the Fenerbahçe Media Day. 

According to DHA, Obradovic liken the Panathinaikos-Olympiacos derby to Galatasaray-Fenerbahçe derby and ''I can say about the teams in Greece, these 2 teams are a chance for Greece and Greek sport. Things are the same in here. Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray are respectable clubs and they are making each other better. Because the rivalry between them make both of them better but it would be better if its just stay in sports. We should stay in sports and respect them cause they are a big club too. If they are better, we are going to try to be better. So, we should be respectful. This is my philosophy; we should talk in respect whatever club we talking about.''

Obradovic talked about the upcoming season in EuroLeague, ''Actually EuroLeague is a tough tournament. We can say that it is the best tournament in Europe. Other teams got new players. Some of them change all their roster. So, we need to watch the teams and the players in the best way and getting ready for the new season.''

Coach also talked about his teacher Alexander Nikolic and ''I remember everything about him. Alexander Nikolic is a very special name for me. He is not just a teacher or mentor to me, he is also so special. I learned not just basketball but also life from him. To be in a practice with him is one of the most important experiences in my life. I have so many memories but i can tell one story; When we beat Joventut Badalona in Abdi İpekçi and became EuroLeague champions with Partizan, he congratulated me and said 'Hope you have many more championships in your career' I couldn't understand what he means in that time because its just that time to me. When i think about that, now i get it what he was trying to mean. He was always right.''

''Our fans' faith on us is amazing. They are always with us. They are already with us in our good times but they are also with us when things get tough and thats the most important thing. We should always think and care about this support. Of course we are playing for ourselves but we also play for the people who respects and loves us. I wanna say thank you to our fans once again. We continue to work for the team success. I'm a perfectionist so i dont wanna say something wrong and put myself in a bad situation.'' 

H. Coşkun

H. Coşkun

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