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Serie A2 Est 04/08/2015, 09.14

M.J. Rhett's Scouting Report

The rookie signed in Italy with Ferrara

Serie A2 Est
Positives:  Rhett is athletic and explosive lefty Forward-Center who is a great finisher around the rim since he tries to dunk the ball every time he has the chance. Rhett is very physical and athletically gifted player – long arms, wiry body, really good speed. He is at his best: finishing around the rim after getting assists in the paint from guards who penetrate, or shooting a mid range jumper (mostly from catch and shoot situations). Rhett does not complicate things too much offensively, he understands his role and he is good doing what he knows to do. He follows the flow of the game really well – when guards penetrate he knows how to get himself available in the paint in order to catch and finish without putting the ball on the floor – he has good hands and expects the ball all the time. Like already mentioned, he is shooting 57% from the field because he tries to dunk the ball every time he has the opportunity. Moreover his mid range jumper is his offensive weapon – he is really good in roll-replace situations, where he can shoot the ball on the catch. Moreover in ball screens he will pop out to knock down 17footer from anywhere on the floor. Overall offensively, Rhett understands what he is good at it, and he does it really well – finishing around the rim on the catch since he is very quick and explosive off the ground, and knocking down mid range jumpers. Defensively he is very active with his long arms. He is capable of guarding players at positions 4 and 5. Rhett is decent post defender with good footwork, while also he can defend PF who can handle the ball. Moreover Rhett is decent offensive rebounder.

Negatives:  Rhett has to be better at putting the ball on the floor and creating off the dribble. Rhett is not great at creating his own shot and he has to wait for other people- usually guards to find him open in ball screen situations, or to penetrate and find him open in the paint so he can finish effectively. In the mid range area, if he is open on the catch he will shoot the ball, but if not he will try to reverse it and continue the action – he is not great at putting the ball on the floor and trying to go around defenders, and this is something he misses in his arsenal, since it can open up his offensive game even more and make him more versatile offensive player. Moreover Rhett has to be improve his low post game with his back to the basket. He is not seen a lot in 1 on 1 situations in the low post and having good back to the basket moves can also expand his offensive game. Moreover, considering his athleticism he has to have bigger impact on the glass defensively. 

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