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Pro A 19/08/2015, 10.34

TJ Price's Scouting Report

The rookie signed in French Pro B with Lille

Pro A

Positives:  Price is strong and physical guard with good mid range game and great outside shot. Price has decent handles and in transition he can handle the ball up the floor, or run out wide. In the half court offense he uses his strong body in order to create contact and get in the mid range area where he uses his pull up jumper effectively. He is good at creating off the dribble and going in either direction. Price can create his own shot – either from ball screens, where he makes the right read, or beating his defender off the dribble using his body in order to create space. Price can play at any perimeter position because he has ability to handle the ball and most importantly he is good passer and can find open teammates. Price has decent floor vision, and with the ball in his hands defense focuses on him a lot, and he is good at recognizing situations and involving his teammates. Price’s shot from behind the arc is his additional strength next to his mid range pull up. He is shooting 40% from behind the 3pt line – most of his shots are from catch and shoot situations, where he has the ability to quickly set up his feet and release the ball. With this being said he can also come off screens and knock down jumpers. However he is at his best from behind the line when he is in spot up situations. He has good range and defense has to locate him otherwise he will shoot the ball from behind the arc without hesitation. Price is really good defensive rebounder considering his size – he is active on the glass, using his strong body to get missed shots.

Negatives: Price is not overly athletic, which reflects in his inability to finish around the rim through contact and over length. He uses his body really well in order to create space and to get into the lane, however he is not good finisher when longer defenders are around him. Moreover, lack of athleticism shows up defensively – he has to work on sliding his feet laterally much better, since at the next level he will have to defend much faster players (comparing his current competition) and he has to improve his lateral speed in order to stay in front of guards/wings who can attack of the dribble. 


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