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Pro A 07/08/2015, 13.35

Matt Carlino's Scouting Report

The rookie penned a deal in France

Pro A

Positives: Scoring shooting guard who is capable of shooting the ball from any situation on the floor. Carlino has scoring mentality and can shoot and make tough shots. Most of his shots are 3’s, with this being said he has good range and quick release – he sets his feet really quick and can shoot coming off the screens, dribble handoff situations or flair screens. Since he is left handed he prefers to go left, moreover he is a decent driver who looks to score every time he has the opportunity. His passing game is also pretty good, and in some situations he is capable of playing PG if necessary. Defensively he is capable of defending other guards who play off the ball. He is an average athlete. Carlino very offensive oriented and wants to scare every time he has the chance, either behind the 3pt line, or from mid range, where he has nice pull-up (likes to use step back move).

Negatives: Carlino struggles finishing at the rim. Moreover he does not finish at the rim if more athletic players are guarding him. Length bothers him if he tries to go all the way to the rim. Also, Carlino has tendencies to jump in the air when making a pass and this can cause turnovers or charges. If he does not shoot the ball he would try to drive it, and most of the times it is to his left so it can be scouted easily. Carlino can be very efficient offensively if he improves his ball handling skills, since as mentioned he would be able to play PG position if necessary and go through ball screen sets. Since he is very offensive oriented his defensive attitude can be questioned sometimes.

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