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Greece 03/08/2015, 16.10

Dustin Hogue's Scouting Report

The rookie signs with Nea Kifisia


Positives: Hogue is athletic and physical PF who is very aggressive on the board on both ends of the floor; moreover he knows and understands how to create and use space offensively in order to score the ball. Hogue is quick and explosive PF, who runs the floor really well in transition and can be big advantage if teams want to push the ball. On the half court offense, Hogue wants to score around the basket, and this is where he is at his best. Hogue is really good finishing around the rim, but most importantly he uses his good footwork to create space for himself and follow his teammates in order to get the ball at the right time and finish around basket. He is really good finisher in the paint, shooting high percentage, because he follows the game really well and also has capability to score after backing his man down (using 1 or 2 dribble max). Hogue’ biggest strength is his presence on the glass on both ends. Since he is very physical, aggressive and explosive, Hogue is constantly present on the board and defense has to worry about him all the time since he is haunting shots. Hogue is constant threat on the offensive glass and uses his toughness in order to get the ball; same thing can be said on the defensive end. Defensively, he is good on ball physical defender capable of defending players on positions 4 and 5. Moreover he can also be seen in hedging the ball in screen situations.

Negatives: Offensively, Hogue has to improve his shooting ability. He is capable of hitting mid range and long range shots, only when his feet are set and when he has time to release the ball. Otherwise his motion does not look good and he is not effective shooting the ball. He has to develop this part of game so he can be used more efficiently in pick&pop situations. Around the basket, Hogue can improve using and finishing with his left hand. He is capable of backing up his defender, however he can still develop his low post moves since he is not at creating his own shot from 1 on 1 situations. Moreover, Hogue struggles in situations when he has to put the ball on the floor and create either for himself or others. He is not good ball handler and decision maker from the dribble and has to improve in this segment of the game.

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