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NBA 25/09/2018, 21.47

Draymond Green: None of us are ready for this run to come to an end.

Green ended last season with averages of 11 points, 7.6 boards and 7.3 assists

During the Warriors' Media Day, Draymond Green talks about the mindset of his team entering the season: "I mean, I definitely don't approach it like we're playing with house money. We do have three championships. They're all in the past. It's about approaching each year with that same goal and that same mentality. And the point you get to the point where, oh, man, we're just playing house money, we already got it, you're done.
None of us are ready for this run to come to an end. So we've got to continue to approach it like we've got zero. And that's cliche and impossible to do, but you want to try to get as close to that as you possibly can. And that's my mindset always entering the season."
D. Skerletic

D. Skerletic

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