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NBA 23/09/2018, 19.24

Jeff Weltman on Bamba: Mo has a chance to be a unique player in this league

The Orlando Magic selected Bamba at No.6 in the last NBA draft

Jeff Weltman, president of basketball operatios of the Orlando Magic, talks about rookie center Mohamed Bamba: I don’t think it’s a leap at all to say that Mo has a chance to be a unique player in this league. Not only does he have the longest recorded wingspan in the history of this league, he’s got the chance to be an elite-level perimeter shooter and he’s also got the IQ – on and off the court – to be a problem-solver and he’s not afraid. Now, it’s about him developing habits, working on his body and making sure that he’s able to withstand the duration of a NBA season from a health perspective. I’m excited to think about the future of our team with our young guys growing up and getting better every year.’’
D. Skerletic

D. Skerletic

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