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NBA 03/06/2018, 11.01

JR Smith on his mistake in Game 1: 'I can't say I was sure of anything at that point'

He talked to the journalists


Cavs guard JR Smith talked again about his mistake in Game 1 of the Finals against the Warriors and admitted he wasn't sure about the score at that point:


"After thinking about it a lot after the last 24 hours and however long it's been since the game was over, I can't say I was sure of anything at that point," Smith said. "That's pretty much who I've been my whole life. I've always been the one guy who is the butt of the jokes or the one guy who does something crazy and everybody has got to look at or whatever the case may be. And then I just come back and be myself and play the next day."

O. Cauchi

O. Cauchi

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