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NBA 04/08/2017, 15.48

Andre Roberson tried to shoot free throws underhanded: "That s— does not work. I’m sorry"

Roberson ended the season with the 42% from the line

Andre Roberson ended last season shooting 42% from the line.
The Thunder guard said that he has tried to shot underhand but it did not work as well.

Per The Oklahoman, He’s tried shooting them underhanded.
So if you’re going to approach Andre Roberson with free-throw shooting advice — and he’d rather you didn’t, but knows from experience that you might — you can scratch that technique off your list.
“I tried it in practice,” Roberson said, mimicking a two-handed underhand toss. “That s— does not work. I’m sorry".
E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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