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TBL 14/09/2017, 12.15

Royce Woolridge Looking to Prove Himself in Europe

Ex Gelişim Koleji player Royce Woolridge is ready to be back on the courts

Grand Canyon State University alum Royce Woolridge started his pro career in Slovenia then played for Gelişim Koleji in Turkey (TBL) 2 seasons ago. He averaged 14.8 ppg, 4.5 rpg and 2.6 apg in 19 games.

He was wearing the Polish team uniform, Miasto Szkla Krosno, last season where he averaged 15.0 ppg, 5 rpg and 5 apg before he got injured. He helped lead the team in its first year in Polish Top League to the Polish Cup half way through the year and in the game after the Cup is when he sprained his ankle.

After a busy work out process in the offseason, he is now completely healthy and ready to be back on the courts:

- You played in Turkey in second division which is as competitive as first division, what do you think about Turkish Basketball League?

I think the Turkish league is a very strong league. Even the 2nd league is just as competitive as many 1st leagues in other countries. The teams are very professional and pay on time, which I know is a problem in a lot of other countries. The Turkish top league is where I want to play, I think the way I play fits in that league and it is one of the best and most respected leagues in Europe and I would really enjoy eventually playing in that league.

- Have you had some problems as an American player in Europe?

In Europe so far I have had some problems. I think the team I played for in Turkey was great. But others haven't been as good. Last year was difficult at times with coaches being disrespectful and inappropriate at times. Turkey was very good at keeping players healthy and having good physical care. But others places I have been are not.

- Can you tell us about your injury in Poland and the work out process in the offseason?

In Poland I had some injuries because I was playing 35 minutes a game, which was one of the most in the league. I was averaging 15pts, 5rbs and 5assists before I had to sit out. Also I sprained my wrist which really hurt my shooting percentage. When I finally got back to the states and into my normal physical therapy routine I got back to 100%.
H. Coşkun

H. Coşkun

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