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ACB 19/08/2015, 10.30

Ousmane Drame's Scouting Report

Drame signed in Spain


Positives: Drame is strong and athletic forward who put impressive numbers this season (14.8pts, 11reb, 2.9blck). Offensively Drame is the most effective around the basket – either from the low post or on the offensive glass.  In the half court offense, Drame has decent low post game. He likes to use his body to bully and back down defenders, since he is pretty long and can finish over defenders using his left hook shook (he is left handed). Moreover, Drame is not overly creative with the dribble, however he is very effective when he minimizes his dribbles (1-2 dribbles) and finish over his right shoulder. He has decent footwork (can get better) and is decent in creating his own shot from 1 on 1 situations from the low post. Moreover, Drame has shown some ability to knock down mid range jumpers – he has 15footer range, and can be effective from the high post if he is open on the catch. Drame has high release, and can hit this shot from catch and shoot situations. One of Drame’s strengths is his ability to get offensive rebounds. Drame is very explosive off the ground and in the combination with his explosiveness and length, he is tremendous offensive rebounder, who is constantly present on the glass. He gets a lot of tipoffs and second chance points, and keeps the ball alive tipping it to his teammates. On the defensive end Drame has shown decent ability as a post defender, since he uses his length and strength to challenge shots. Moreover, Drame has great shot blocking ability (really good timing), and even if he gets beat he can still cover the ground fast enough to recover and block shots). He has shown some ability to move his feet and defend players who can handle the ball.

Negatives:  Drame’s main weakness is his passing. He is not good passer out of the post (especially when opposing teams start doubling him on the dribble), since he has tendencies to put the ball on the floor and after this his reactions are not quick. Moreover Drame has to polish his post game since at the next level he will have to play against better competition and he will need better low post arsenal in order to create his own shot around the basket. As already mentioned, Drame is not good in situations when he has to create off the bounce (either from the low post or from around 15feet) and have more than 2 dribbles, and he has to improve his court vision and ability to react faster. Defensively he has to improve his footwork when defending low post position and also his lateral quickness could be better if he get out on the perimeter.


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