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National Teams 30/06/2018, 10.43 Rumors

Growing tension between Italian NT and Danilo Gallinari

Coach Sacchetti denied the words used by Gallinari a few days ago

National Teams

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, there's growing tension between the Italian NT and forward Danilo Gallinari. Just 48 hours ago Gallinari said that he wanted to play for the NT in September but he had to convince the Clippers first to let him go. Today, though, Meo Sacchetti, the head coach of Italian NT, denied the version used by Gallinari:


"I spoke with Danilo," said Sacchetti. "He told me that he couldn't play during the summer because of his hand injury and that in September he had to return to the Clippers. ". A few words that completely deny the version used by Gallinari.


After that punch thrown by Danilo in 2017 that costed him the partecipation at the European Championship, the relationship between the Clippers forward and the NT has never been the same. Former NT head coach Ettore Messina immediately criticized Gallinari after that gesture, saying that it was a very immature move for such an experienced player. Then, just one week before the start of the European Championship, Gallinari spoke to TMZ and told them that he was almost ready to play, a statement that president of Italian federation, Gianni Petrucci, didn't like at all: "Sometimes it's better to remain silent. I would have preferred his silence in a situation like this one".

O. Cauchi

O. Cauchi

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