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Poland 03/08/2015, 12.25

Jarvis Williams' Scouting Report

The former Murray State signed in Poland with Slask Wroclaw


Positives:  Williams is athletic and physical undersized post player (PF) who is very effective around the rim. Williams is good finisher around the basket since he makes quick moves and tries to dunk the ball every time he has a chance. In transition he runs the floor really well, looking to outrun opposing post players and finish in the lane. In the half court offense, Williams is at his best when he is in the paint – he plays well off his teammates, follows the flow of the game really well and makes himself available. He is very physical player who is at his best when he can finish off the catch, making quick moves. Williams is not overly creative player, however if he catches the ball around the rim, he is very explosive off his feet and wants to finish strong through contact, trying to dunk the ball every time. Moreover he gets fouled a lot (shooting 6.5 FT per game) since he likes playing through contact and is very active on the offensive glass. Williams is tremendous offensive rebounder, and this is where he also gets a lot of his touches. He is very active on the offensive glass, using his leaping ability, explosiveness and physicality to get missed shots or tip dunks. He is capable of shooting the ball 15feet away from basket (however this is not his strength). Williams wants to finish around the rim, and he is very good playing off the catch, since he is very explosive and physical with high energy on both ends of the floor. Defensively because of his athleticism and speed, he is capable of guarding players off the dribble and can move his feet really well. He is physical post defender and doesn’t back off of the contact. He is good on the defensive glass using his strong body and getting missed shots.

Negatives:  Williams is not overly creative player. In the low post, he has to improve his back-to-the-basket game, since he does not have too many post moves, and if he tries to back defender down he will try to finish with his right hand, most of the time – he has to improve his post repertoire and use work on his left hand. Moreover, considering his size, Williams has to be more creative off the dribble. He has to work on his ball handling and ability to beat his defender off the dribble. As mentioned earlier, Williams is in trouble if he has to make more than 1 or 2 dribbles either in the mid range area or around the basket (he takes high percentage shots since most of the time he finishes off the catch or from offensive rebounds) and he has to work on creating his own shot. Defensively because of his size he is in problem if he guards taller players in the low post, since they can finish over him. 

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