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Other leagues 26/08/2015, 08.44

Kiel Turpin's Scouting Report

The rookie signed in Georgia

Other leagues

Positives: Turpin is big man with a very nice and soft touch. He has good 15-17ft jumper and can cause a lot of problems from pick and pop situation, or in the zone if he is high post. Turpin is pretty mobile for his size and very long. In the low post area, most of the time he uses his right hook shot where he has a soft touch. Defensively Turpin’s presence in the paint is definitely noticeable, because of his length and size. For someone who is 213cm tall his vertical is not bad as well. He is not overly fast laterally, so we cant expect to see him coming out of the paint too much, however his size and length can cause problems for offensive players. As mentioned, he is a big man who likes to shoot jumpers more than anything and this is where he feels comfortable the most: In pick and pop situations spacing out the defense and making long 2.  Overall He is very skilled big man with good feel for the game.

Negatives:  Turpin is an average athlete who does not really use his size to its full potential. Most of his shots are between 15ft-17ft. Moreover he is not too effective on the rebounding end because he is not overly aggressive. He has to be able to make bigger impact on the game, on both ends. In the low post area he is very right hand dominant and does not have too many post moves in his arsenal. He is not physical and does not like contact too much. Turpin relies a lot on his mid-range jump shot and has to improve his low post game. Moreover defensively he is not making big impact of the game, he is not aggressive on the glass even though he has physical ability to do so. He does not like contact and doesn’t finish well around the rim when stronger and more physical defenders are on him. Turpin is not quick laterally and has to improve his footwork.


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