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Luxembourg 07/05/2017, 22.17

Amicale Steinsel wins again the Total League championship

Back-to-back for the 2017 Luxembourg champions

Amicale Steinsel won the decisive game-3 (79-74) to celebrate the 2017 Total League title! It's the second consecutive championship, the number 7 for the club in the re-match final against Musel Pikes.

The winners of the regular season (25-3) won the semifinal series against T71, starting really good the finals with the 113-61 victory in the first game. Musel Pikes sent the game to the decisive game-3, where in a really balanced match Steinsel celebrated at home the 2017 triumph.

In the last game of the year great performances for McDaniel (23+10), Bob Melcher (8pts with 12ass), Coleman (16+10) and Laurent (15+16), against the 33+9 game of Gulley.
A. Caporaso

A. Caporaso

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