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Estonia 24/08/2015, 13.34

Devin Brooks' Scouting Report

The rookie signed in Estonia


Positives: Brooks is very fast combo guard who looks to score in transition. Every time he has a chance to push the ball up the floor he will do so. Because of his great ball handling skills and quickness with the ball, he is very effective on the open court. On the half court offense, Brooks looks to drive every time and score around the rim. He is good in ball screen situations, since he sees the floor well and always tries to penetrate and score/ assist. He has never-ending dribble, and changes the speed really well; because of this, he is constant treat on the offensive end. He can finish equally good with both hands, however he prefers to finish with his left hand (he is right handed). He is very effective in ball screen situations when going down hill – fat ball screen on top of the key. Brooks is very physical and quick and likes to play through contact. Defensively because of his speed and size he can guard players who play on positions 1 and 2.

Negatives: His main weakness is his outside shot. Brooks can’t shoot and he struggles to have impact on the game offensively if defense gaps (back up of) him. Moreover he has tendencies to jump in the air and then look what to do with the ball, and this can lead to turnovers. Also in some situations he would over dribble and make extra moves with the ball, which can lead him to bad shot selection and bad decisions. As mentioned, his outside shot is something he has to work on (both 3pt, and mid range-pull up) since the only way for him to score is on the open court (transition) or penetration. With the ball, he is very left hand dominant and prefers to finish with his left hand most of the time. He can also improve his passing game, since he is very ‘scoring’ oriented.




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