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Other leagues 24/07/2017, 10.25

2017 KBL Draft results

Ricardo Ratliffe is the first pick

Other leagues
2017 KBL Draft results:

1) Thunders select Ricardo Ratliffe

2) Kgc select David Simon

3) Egis Select Andre Emmett

4) Knights select Terrico White 

5) Elephants select Josh Selby

6) Promy select Deonte Burton

7) Sonicboom select Leon Williams

8) Phoebus select  Marqus Blakely

9) Sakers select Josh Powell

10) Orions select Dustin Hogue


1) Orions Select Vernon Macklin

2)Sakers select Justin Tubbs

3) Phoebes select Arizona Reid

4) Sonicboom select Terrence Watson

5) Promy select Jordan Washington

6) Elephants select Arnett Moultrie

7) Knights select Darien Towens

8) Egis select Eric Dawson

9)KGC select Keifer Skyes

10) Thunders select Michael Craig

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D. Destri

D. Destri

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