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NBA 15/04/2018, 10.53

Gregg Popovich after loss to Warriors: We looked like deer in the headlights

Spurs lost 113-92 in Game 1

The Spurs were destroyed by the Warriors in Game 1 of the NBA Playoffs.
After the game Popovich expressed his frustration for the loss.

Per ESPN, The shorthanded San Antonio Spurs thought they had adequately prepared for Game 1 of the Western Conference playoffs against Golden State, but coach Gregg Popovich expressed surprise and disappointment Saturday in a squad he said "looked like a deer in headlights" in a 113-92 loss.
"I thought we were very prepared physically and mentally," Popovich said. "But I was mistaken. As I said, we looked like deer in the headlights. The defense was really poor as far as following game plan of the first quarter, and it's a bad combination to play defense like that and not shoot at the other end."
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E. Carchia

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