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20/03/2017, 17.35

Italian Serie A Clubs will be free to choose in which European Cup they want to play next season

Italy has one spot in Euroleague (Olimpia Milano), three in Basketball Champions League, two in EuroCup (but Lega Basket is asking for a third spot)

In the Lega Basket Serie A meeting, the Italian clubs decided that from next season the teams will be free to choose the European Cup in which they wanbt to play.
Considering that Olimpia Milano is the only Italian club with a multi-year license to play in EuroLeague, Italians will have three spots in Basketball Champions League and two in EuroCup (but they are negotiating with ECA for a third spot).

Based on the ranking at the end of the season, each team will be able to choose in which European Cup it wants to compete.
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E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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