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12/09/2012, 20.56 Rumors

Pianigiani, Dincer: 'Bojan Bogdanovic will stay with us'

Both Simone Pianigiani and Kemal Dincer confirmed today that Bojan Bogdanovic won't leave the team.
Simone Pianigiani talked before the game against Mens Sana Siena.

"It is great to start the new adventure with Fenerbahce against my former team. I've just arrived after the summer with the National Team. Fenerbahce so far is a just a group of players and we are waiting for some of them who have played with the National Team. Then we will work hard to create a team. We will be ready for October. When you are a coach, there are always big expectations. In Turkey we will fight for the title. Whlle Euroleague is risky. In the first group we'll play against three top European teams as Real Madrid, Panathinaikos and Khimki. Plus one club from the Qualification Round who could be either Unics Kazan or Cantù. Bogdanovic to Malaga? Honestly, I don't read Spanish media. I don't have even time for the Italian one. I am very happy for the roster we have. The group is very strong and the Turkish core is great and it will be very important for us. Bogdanovic will stay with us. He is one of our players" said Pianigiani.

Kemal Dincer: 'Bogdanovic is happy with us and Malaga never asked the player to us. He has contract, he wants to stay and if he will leave, it will be just for the NBA. Our goal is to fight for the Turkish title. New player to add? We are not in a hurry to sign a new player. We want to play 5-6 games and then we will see in which position we are weak. The new player has to understand that he will be the sixth foreigner and his role will be just for the Euroleague. Papaloukas was one of the options but we have a strong group, very good players and some youngsters who were with the National Team. The Americans are great players, who are working hard and showing their skills and their positive attitude. We want to see. We won't make the signing at 100%" said Dincer. 

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E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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