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02/06/2016, 02.42

A Bundesliga: Oberwart is perfect against Wels, 3-0 for the 2016 title

The Redwell Gunners are the new Austrian champions

Redwell Gunners Oberwart are the new champions of Austria, thanks to the clear 3-0 victory in the Final against Wels, coming back to win the title after the succes in 2011 season, and closing the year with the double after the victory in the National Cup.

After the exclusion, cause economic problems, for the two-times champions of Güssing Knights, Oberwart closed at first place the RS (21-11), beating in the post-season Gmunden and Wien. The other finalist WBC Raiffeisen eliminated in order Kapfenberg and Arkadia of Fabricio Vay (20+8 average this year).

After two balanced games Oberwart closed the final with the 82-63 away victory, dragged by the MVP of the Finals Chris McNealy. Good series also for Jackson and Ferguson, but it was decisive the guard Quincy Diggs: 20+7+3 during the season, the best player of the club played a great 22+11+6 match in game-1. For the opponents losing efforts of Lamesic, Wallace, Wright and Carter.

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A. Caporaso

A. Caporaso

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