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25/07/2016, 23.51 Ufficiale

Fran Pilepić left Cedevita

He's a free-agent now

Cedevita and Fran Pilepić will not continue their cooperation. Two sides have decided to terminate contract after a mutual agreement. So far, it is unknown where the player will continue his career.

“I talked with Fran and he said that he is not satisfied with his role in the team, as well as that he would like to leave,” stated Cedevita Sports Director Matej Mamić. “Our goal is definitely not to have an unhappy player in the roster, so we decided to fulfill his wish and to let him go. We would like to thank Fran for everything he has done for our club, we wish him a lot of luck in future career and to find a club where he will be happy. We are creating a really strong team for the next season, in which there will be strong competition on every position. Therefore, we want to have players who are ready to give everything for the team, and who will fit in both with their player's characteristics and with their personal characteristics,” concluded Mamić.
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O. Cauchi

O. Cauchi

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