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EuroCup 02/10/2018, 09.35 Ufficiale

Frank Robinson annuncia il suo ritiro

L'americano lascia la pallacanestro giocata

Frank Robinson ha annunciato il suo ritiro.
Il giocatore americano ha scritto un messaggio su Instagram per annunciare il suo addio alla pallacanestro giocata.
Robinson ha vestito le maglie di Melvin e LG Sakers lo scorso anno.
Per lui esperienze in Germania, Georgia, Polonia, Finlandia, Israele, Grecia e Serbia.

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Today I’ve officially decided to retire from professional basketball. I made this decision about 2-3 months ago but today Im finally and completely comfortable in saying that I’ve done everything that I’ve set out to do in my career (literally played at least one game in over 70 countries) and that I’ve played my last professional game. Jayden, from the moment you were born I was changed completely, My eyes were open and my ability to play basketball became something more. I realized that I was given the responsibility to raise a king and the easiest way for me to communicate some basic life lessons were to show you through a game that I’ve been obsessed with since I was 13 years old. As I transition and as you explore your athletic options I pass the torch to you but always know that we are more than athletes, use these sports as vehicles, enjoy it, fall in love with whatever you decide but do not let time go by and you get nothing valuable out of it. I wanna thank all of those who have supported and pushed me through my playing career. I really appreciative and want you to know that I Honestly could not have done it with out the support from you all. ????????

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