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NBA 16/12/2017, 15.10

Carmelo Anthony on playing Knicks at MSG for 1st time since the trade: How could I not miss N.Y.?

Melo spent almost seven years with the Knicks

For the first time since he was traded to the Thunder, Carmelo Anthony will play against the Knicks at MSG Saturday night.
Melo spent almost seven years with the Knicks.

Per ESPN, "Walking in there, it'll be a little emotional, because from the standpoint, that's home," he said. "Being back in there, being on the other side, running out the other side of the tunnel, seeing people that I became close with, seeing my family that I can't really much right now because I'm in Oklahoma City -- my son, my wife -- seeing them, having them be there is very important. So I think it'll be a fun game, a fun night. Emotional as far as excited being back on that court."

"It's not like I was there for a year or two seasons," he said. "I mean, I spent a lot of time there, almost seven years. It was great times, it was bad times, but regardless, I always stuck with it, I always remained professional, I always came and did my job whether people liked me or not, so hopefully they recognize that."

"How could I not miss New York?" . "I became entrenched into not just the Knicks, but the city as a whole. Those are my roots, the people there, I became one of them. I've embraced New York City, I embraced the culture, embraced everything about the city, so yeah, definitely."
E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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