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NBA 22/08/2015, 13.07

Shannon Scott's Scouting Report

The rookie signed in Toronto


Positives:  Scott is a good ball handler, with great floor vision and ability to distribute the ball. Scott is really good in transition, where he looks to push the ball and make the right decision - either assisting to his teammates or finishing at the rim. In the half court offense, Scott is very patient and always under control. He likes to be in ball screen situations and create off that, making the right read. Scott prefers getting in the lane and making the right decision – he is decent finisher around the rim, and can finish equally good with both hands and through contact, since he is pretty physical and has good body control.. Scott is capable outside shooter when his feet are set, and most of the time he would shoot the ball from catch and shoot situations (he prefers driving the ball and finishing around basket and that is his strength). Scott is a good distributor, has good floor vision, and one of his strength is change of pace and good patience. One of his main assets is his on ball defense – Scott has great lateral speed and footwork. He is very aggressive defensively and can really lock down opposing guards. Moreover, Scott is very physical, does not back down and really takes pride in his defense.

Negatives:  Scott has to improve his ability to score the ball. With this being said he has to work on his 3pt jumper, and be more consistent shooting behind the arc. Moreover, he is not great at shooting the mid range shots off the dribble, and this is something he really misses in his offensive repertoire, especially when coming off ball screens. Scott can be seen shooting mid range jumpers, however he has to get more comfortable with those kind of shots in order to improve his scoring ability. Also Scott has to minimize effortless turnovers, even though he is a good passer, he has tendencies to make bad decisions in terms of his passing choices. 


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