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Stats 10/10/2013, 20.22

Sportando is live with a new design

Tag, quote, notifications and direct messages are among the new features


The new Sportando 7.0 is finally online. The new release replaces Sportando 6.0 online since March 28, 2012.

Below all the new features:
- Menu completely redesigned, menu Europe improved and divided into two columns;
- The videos will be embedded in the news and there is no more WebTV;
- The pages Basket Rumors and NBA Rumors are into the section Basket Transaction;
- The latest comments of the users are on the right column with automatic updated without the need to refresh the page;
- The section Forum with all the categories is completely new;
- You can tag users in the comments;
- You can send direct messages to the users;
- While logged in, You can receive notifications for private messages, tags and quote on the comments;
- Ignoring List;
- Hashtag in the news clickable;
- Added the Top 100 users of the Forum;
- You can read all the news inserted by any reporter;
- The news may be inserted in more than one section;
- Comments written in Sportando in Italian will be showed just in Italian version of the site. While Comments written in Sportando ENG will appear just in the English version;
- Now in the comments you can start a new paragraph;
- Each news has just 30 comments, then you have the window to load 30 more comments etc etc;
- There new sections as: Redazione Sportando, FAQ, Advertising, Widget and Contacts;
- New footer at the bottom of the page completely redesigned;
- Mobile versions completely redesigned.

We hope to have made a big step forward and we are curious to know what you think in the comments below.

Best regards,
Redazione Sportando

M. Manna

M. Manna

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